Mark Porter

was born in Rhode Island. He is now based in Brooklyn, where he has established a studio that merges sculpture, installation and innovative construction techniques across mediums. Trained in classical sculpture, with a background that includes time as a day laborer,  carpenter,  mason and a job at a bronze foundry, his work often evokes the uncanny with a technical execution that is both archetypal and experimental. Mark also worked for a stint as Boaz Vaadia’s assistant, finding a great affinity in the artist’s use of space and the natural environment in his sculptures. Mark was recently commissioned by the Satanic Temple for a large-scale statue of Baphomet to be donated and displayed outside the Oklahoma State Capitol next to a statue of the Ten Commandments. While Mark does not deliberately court controversy, his combination of the beautiful and the disturbing rendered with a precise technique and modern mindset can lead the casual observer to mistake him for a provocateur. The greater narrative in this work, however, relates to an understanding of the truth that is revealed in the interaction between materials, form and gesture. In this revelation, strength may be cast in disposable plastics while fragile subtle elements are embodied in steel.